What is Effects of Mobile Phones on Human Body

When Grahm Bell invented phone he would never have thought that its super modern version would be a Smart Mobile Phone & it would become an indispensable part of human life. It is not next to impossible to think our life without mobile phones. Life comes to a standstill if we don’t have mobile phones even for an hour. Mobile has indeed changed our life since it a complete package of knowledge, information, amusement or other necessary stuff. It has brought the whole world at our doorstep.

As every cloud has a silver lining so the mobile phones are. Yes, excess of anything is bad. Mobile phones are good slaves but bad masters. People have totally been accustomed to mobile phones. This is the reason it is affecting Human Body severely.

  1. Health Hazardous
Effects of Mobile Phones

People don’t think once before carrying it entire day with their body. It is serious health menacing. Wireless radiations from mobile phones have potential to cause from headache to brain tumors.

Several surveys have proved that in many cases brain & heart cancers are likely caused by whole-body exposure to the cell phone radiation.

  • Biological Effects
Effects of Mobile Phones

It is very common to carry a cell phone in your pant or shirt pocket, which is a bad idea. Since the certain body part is exposed to the continuous radiation emitted by your cell phone that can harm, although certain areas are clearly more vulnerable than others.

It is very necessary to keep in mind that as long as your cell phone is on, it emits radiation intermittently, even when a call is not being made by you. Hence, carrying a cell phone on your body for 10 to 15 hours a day gives that area of your body giving radiation exposure at a stretch.

  • Most Fatal for Children Even in Utero
Effects of Mobile Phones

Unfortunately, children & teens are at the greatest risk. But the tots inside in the utero may suffer from parotid gland tumors & brain tumors both as their thinner skull bones allow for greater penetration of cell phone radiation. The radiation can enter all the way into their midbrain, where tumors are more deadly. In addition, children’s cells reproduce quicker, so they are susceptible to aggressive cell’s growth. Therefore, pregnant women would be wise to avoid cell phones as much as possible.

  • Insomnia
Effects of Mobile Phones

“Insomnia”-root cause of many diseases. Excess use of cell phone causes insomnia which has been very common among the Youth of late. Since the last activity performed by you before you fall asleep is to check your cell phone & the screen of the cell phone affects our eyes & vision which causes insomnia.

  • Increases Stress Level
Effects of Mobile Phones

It has been proved by some studies that frequent use of cell phones, vibrations alerts, reminders can put a user on edge, as these all have a negative impact on your stress level. It sometimes leads to depression as well.

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