What exactly should a bridal set contain?

You know what they say: the bride wears jewellery. And when it comes to wedding jewellery, a complete bridal set is the most important element. A complete bridal set will include a necklace, earrings, bangles and ring—and each piece should be carefully selected following your style and personality. Follow these simple steps to find your perfect set!



First, it’s important to consider the length of the necklace. A necklace should be long enough for the bride to wear it draped over her shoulders or neck in a single loop. It should also be long enough to go down her back and then some; if you have a short neck, don’t worry about slinging it between your breasts for added sparkle (unless you want to).

If you’re planning on wearing your hair up on your wedding day, consider how much room there will be under your veil when it’s in place. Depending on your chosen hairstyle, you might need something longer than usual or something with an extender chain.

The earrings should complement both necklaces—not compete with them! If they’re too small or too big relative to their counterparts and aren’t balanced out by different materials like silver/gold/platinum/nickel-free base metal etc., then they’ll just look out-of-place rather than luxurious!


It’s also important to consider what type of earrings you want to wear on your wedding day. Most brides choose diamond studs as their earrings because they are elegant, classic and timeless. If you are looking for something more unique that showcases your personality, there are plenty of options available in various shapes and sizes (i.e., heart-shaped diamonds).

You should also consider wearing a pair of pearl drop earrings that complement the shape and design of your ring. Pearl drop earrings come in many different colours, so you can coordinate them with any outfit you choose for your special day!


Bangles are often made of gold, silver or platinum and can be worn on the wrist alone or paired with a matching ring. They are typically worn during special occasions like weddings and festivals, but in some cultures, they may also be worn as everyday jewellery. When choosing bangles to wear in your wedding set, choose ones that match the style and tone of your wedding dress and your personality.

If you have long hair that will be pinned up for the ceremony, try wearing smaller bangles on both wrists to complement your bridal look without distracting attention by wearing larger pieces around both wrists at once. If you’re going for a more casual look instead of formalwear on your big day (or if perhaps you don¹t want anything too heavy hitting against delicate strands of hair), opt for single-wrist studs instead – either way, it will work!

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The ring is the most important part of the set. It should be something you will cherish for years, not just something to wear on your wedding day.

The ring must symbolise your love for each other and something that both of you can wear daily.

With all of these options, you can make your bridal set unique. You may want to think about matching the colour of your wedding band with the stone in your engagement ring or choosing a diamond that is similar in clarity and colour grade to give it an elegant look. No matter what type of jewellery you choose for your wedding day, it will last a lifetime!

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