8 Common Interior and Exterior Painting Services Provided by Painters in Chicago

The interior and exterior painting will help in keeping your house new, repair minor structural damage, hide stains, and enhance the beauty and house value. Apart from wall coloring, reputable painters chicago also offer various interior and exterior services like accent walls, cabinet painting, deck sealing, epoxy floors, etc.

In the United States of America, Chicago is the third-most populated city. Chicago is also the most populated city in Illinois state. The city is spread over 234.53 sq mi (607.44 sq km) with a population density of 12,059.84 per sq mi (4,656.33 per sq km). This city’s average cost of living is 22% more expensive than the national average.

Check out the most common interior and exterior painting services in Chicago by reliable painting companies.


Cabinet Coloring

One best method to give your home a brand-new look without much trouble is to paint and refinish the cabin. Choosing cabinet painting is more beneficial than extracting old cabinets or settling new cabinets because it is more economical and takes less time. On average, cabinet coloring in Chicago typically costs $3,596.

Fence Coloring

A new coating of good quality paint on the fence will act as an additional protection layer against sunlight, wind, rain, etc., for numerous years, deterring hasty rot. The experienced painters in Chicago offer fence painting, refinishing and staining services for fences made of metal, wood, plastic, etc. The average price for coloring or staining a fence in Chicago is about $300 to $2,800.

Accent Walls

The painting companies in Chicago also offer accent wall services which means creating a wall that stands out from the surrounding walls by coloring a distinct color, tint, or design. The experts will quickly develop a design that precisely meets your expectations because they know the significance and reputation of an accent wall.

Deck Sealing

The professionals will seal decks by providing deck sealing services to keep water from permeating the wood’s surface. They utilize sealants with UV protectants to safeguard wood integrity from UV degradation. These experts can repair decks that are in any state of wreckage.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings accumulate dust and dirt, are outdated, and are difficult to clean, which is why many residential and commercial owners are looking for a way to get rid of them. The experts will skillfully peel off the popcorn ceilings, and add a new texture to them, which delivers a modern and sleek look to your house.

Epoxy Floors

The epoxy flooring service applies an artificial resin floor system to the concrete substrates for added safety and decoration. Epoxy flooring is also known as resinous flooring. It is very resilient, adaptable, and environmentally friendly.

Wallpaper Removal

One of the most complex home repair undertakings is wallpaper removal. A professional painting firm can remove wallpaper quickly and cleanly. To avoid harming the behind surface or creating grooves, the experts scrape the walls cautiously. They are equipped with the right tools and machinery to withdraw the wallpaper without causing any deterioration.

Pressure Washing

Professional painting firms pressure wash the required area with the correct tools, such as ladders, pressure washers, detergents, degreasers, pressure hoses, etc. A thorough pressure wash removes all grime, weeds, oil, mold, insects, and algae that degrade wood and weaken or stain paint.

Bottom Line

Chicago’s reputable painting companies offer a wide range of interior and exterior coloring services that instantly change your house’s look. It will undoubtedly appear brand new and appealing with such a professional touch.

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