5 cool gadgets for students

Every student feels joyful and enthusiastic with modern cool gadgets. This is a good practice to have such attachment with technology. Dreaming about latest gadgets is not bad, because these gadgets can enhance performance and productivity without any aftereffects. Today’s students want to know about everything. These gadgets satisfy their curiosity. Cool gadgets are not always costly, through online deals anyone can get them at reasonable rates. Wiser you are, when user you are. This statement is proved real when we discuss the importance of cool gadgets for students.

Technology changes your methodology. Yes, this statement is also true when we talk about efficiency while using cool gadgets. There are many cool gadgets, available in the market. Requirements may vary as per your use but here; we will discuss a few gadgets for all.

  1. Desk Lamp with USB Charging: This is a very useful gadget of all time. Latest desk lamp is sophisticated and sleek. LED lights in the lamp are energy efficient and throw lighting on target area anywhere in the room. Two integrated USB ports provided in lamps allowing you to charge your phone, tablet or other electronic devices.

  2. Smartphones: this gadget adds value when it is related to information, recent development, skill development, project-assessment, sample papers & even for expert advice on any particular subject. By a good smartphone students can download important apps that become helpful in their studies. Platform like what’s app provides an authentic sharing of information among the groups.

  3. Kindle Book: this cool gadget allows you to be free from pile of books when you don’t want to carry. You can email any PDF file, DOC & TXT.   Your kindle book works in inclement condition like if you in unfavorable weather. Book marking & high- lighting system is up to the mark in Kindle book. You can compile your data & personal notes in separate section so that accessibility becomes easy. More that all these, its dictionary will impress you.

  4. Laptops: lately, this gadget has become hot cake. Here are quick tips for students when they go to buy a laptop.

  5. Portability matters-  11 to 14 screen size & weight less than 4 pounds.

  6. Consider durability-  spill-resistance key boards, MIL-SPEC tested are pluses.

  7. Battery life- 7+ hours is ideal & 5+ hours is required.

  8. Touch pad & key board responsiveness – look for responsive keys with deep travel.

  9. Opt for 2-in -1 – great for drawing, pen based note taking, working while standing up.

  10. OS options – chrome books are good for kids. Windows is best for productivity, but MAC OS is for art/design students.

  11. Bluetooth Coffee Maker – this gadget is really useful for those students who dedicate more hours to studies & best for those students who don’t live with their family. Whenever you want coffee, you can enjoy hot, fresh & faster operating with the app on your smartphone.

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