10 Cool Gadgets Online In India

Today’s life is moving with technology. There are various types of Gadgets that have become part & parcel of our life. Some Gadgets are essential while others are partially essential. Essential Gadgets give our life pace & comfort. That is why we call them cool gadgets. Cool Gadgets give you social recognition that you can flaunt on. These gadgets not only make our life easier but also boost our confidence.

Gadgets help you to perform your task in short span of time so that you can do multiple things same time. Let’s have a look at these cool Gadgets.

  1. Android TV

Android TV is something that you can flaunt on because this is not a TV but a smart TV. Its voice command features along with operating with mobile phone distinguish from others.

  • Smart Speakers

Beyond usages of audio this Gadget plays multifunction through wi-fi, Bluetooth & also from application or home automation software.

  • Fitness Tracker

This Gadget is designed to take care of your overall health. Features are designed in such a way that you can monitor your daily steps count, calorie count, monitor your heart rate, monitor your sleep, GPS location & even fair warning if you are getting to start sick.

You carry this cool Gadget as a wearable computer. Latest smart watches give you many features like mobile operating system, portable media player with FM radio & many more.

  • Sun Glasses

This cool Gadget has great influence on your personality. Latest trendy sun glasses have been designed for every purpose & for many occasions. Wow!! Factor added when you carry according to your face. Don’t forget here, brand matters because beside fashion purpose it also protects your eyes from dangerous UV rays & pollution.  

  • Smart Phones

Future of computer technology rests in mobile computing with wireless networking. Mobile computing by way of tablet computers are becoming in trends now a days. New smart phones have features of finger print reader & heart rate monitor to fast charging & water proofing.  

  • 2-Port USB Charger

It has dual USB –A ports to charge two devices at once, smart – IC technology to guarantee your devices are charging at their maximum speed, & sophisticated protection measures to ensure safety for you & your device. It is pocket size for travel.

  • Pencil Stylus

Through this device you can draw or write on your tablet or smart phone.

  • Head Phones

This Gadget is wearable tech. Latest head phones have features like sweat – resistance, commuter friendly, wireless & lighting based headphones. It is stylish in the way if mixes with leather & stainless steel.

  1. Electric Shavers

Latest aqua touch shaver is the best skin friendly. Its skin glide rings with anti-friction coating enables the shaver to glide effortlessly across your face. Its blades cut close & protects skin even with 3-day stubble.

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