10 Best Water Purifier in India

Hello, you are thinking to buy the best water purifier for your home and office then, you are in right place. What are the top (ten) water purifiers in India 2020? If you are looking for this kind of answer then you should read this article.

In this article, we will discuss the best water purifier in India and feature of these purifiers and why need a purifier for home or office. You know that a water purifier is best for health it gives germ-free water.

As everyone knows before we use boiled water for drinking because boiled water removes the bacteria which we find in water and bacteria are very harmful to our health but thanks to new technology, now we can drink purified water without bacteria and germs.

If you choose the best water purifier is better than boiled water because it is likely to cause minor burns in your mouth. It can also damage your esophagus and digestive tract. Consumption of excess hot water can affect your sleep cycle. It increases the total volume of your blood and can dilute the electrolytes in your blood that’s why a water purifier is best.

In our world, Millions of people have a stomach problem just because of dirty and smelly water but the purifier cleans all the germs, dirt and removes all the smell which maximum times we find in normal water. 

Water purifiers provide better quality water, if we drink healthy water they remove harmful substances in our body.

Everyone knows that up to 70% of the human body is water. If we drink less water than our body fat will be increased, so clean water is an important part of our life.

 The purifier is important to get clean water that’s why we need the best water purifier for our health, water purifier not only cleans the dirt which we find in the water, they clean the bacteria which causes diseases like cholera, typhoid, cancer, etc. So we all need clean water and that clean water comes from the best water purifier, you choose for your family and friend.

Scientifically prove that purifier water is necessary for the human body because human drinks clean water, then they don’t face any kind of serious disease.

Benefits of having the best water purifier in our home or office-

  • Our body energy will be increase if we drink healthy water
  • Remove all the disease from the human body
  • Gives a healthy water
  • Water purification can save a life
  • Remove all harmful chemicals from the water
  • Healthy and glow skin
  • Purifier help for a weight loss
  • Feel more energetic
  • Don’t feel too old
  • It’s a long term investment

Now we will discuss the best water purifier with amazing features, so read this article it will help you to buy the best water purifier and if you drink healthy water you don’t need to face any kind a bad disease.

10 best water purifier in India

Let’s go, share some features and details which is important to buy the best water purifier.


Kent – 11076 New Grand

Looking for the best water purifier with all features then there is kent grand which is too elegant and like you already know that KENT is the best company and this comes to launch many purifiers at a good price.

This water purifier comes with a wall-mounted design that saves space in the kitchen with mineral RO technology. The design of this water purifier is transparent which is easy to check all the interior functions that show KENT mineral RO technology with an inbuilt TDS controller.

This is the best KENT air purifier that suits for home and office. This water purifier comes with a water level indicator and auto flushing system for better and long performance.

A person needs 100% pure water, so this water purifier has a multiple purification process of RO+UV+UF+TDS, these all features make water 1000% pure. These features kill all the viruses, bacteria, rust, pesticides, etc to make water healthy and pure.

In this purifier, water drain in multiple parts the first part is—

The filter:- RAW WATER » then goes in a SEDIMENT FILTER» THEN ACTIVATE CARBON FILTER» then goes in a RO and UF, RO reduces dissolved impurities and UF reduce bacteria & cysts » then TDS controller which retain essential minerals » goes in a UV which reduce bacteria and viruses » then finally comes in the pure water tank which is clean and healthy.

These parts are important to buy a water purifier and you will get all these features in this KENT grand.


  • Retains essential minerals
  • Computer-controlled operation
  • Save water technology
  • World best quality certification
  • 1-year warranty + 3 years free AMC service
  • Most trusted warded


Product code                 110076

Applications                    suitable for purification of brackish/ tap water/ municipal corporation water

Body material                  ABS food grade plastic

Dimensions                           399 (L) X 255 (W) X 535(H)

Weight                                    9.4KG

Body material                       ABS food grade plastic

Storage capacity                  8L

Power consumptions          60W

Booster pump voltage         24 V DC

Maximum duty cycle            100L/ DAY

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Eureka Forbes AQUASURE Amaze

This AQUA AMAZE water purifier is a great purifier it comes with an advanced TDS controller where you can adjust the taste of the water. This purifier is trusted by many people in India and this is the most popular brand in over 1500 cities. Aquasure drain the water for millions of people.

In this smart water, the purifier has an energy-saving mode which is great for you, when you on this water purifier to fill the tank, then automatically its switches off the power supply once the tank is full. It helps you to save your monthly bills, now don’t be worry that the water purifiers take so much energy.

You know this water purifier comes with a 6000 liters cartridge life, this function ensure sure that you drink safely. It comes to a smart indicator yo give you a user-friendly and hassle-free experience.


  • Smart purifier- LED indicators
  • Multi-stage and MTDS technology which is RO+ UV+MTDS
  • Healthy and clean water
  • 7L water storage capacity
  • Installation friendly design


Power consumption                                    40

TDS                                                                 2000

Filter life                                                       6000

Alarms                                                          yes

Purification stages                                     5

Purification modules                                 sediment filter, chemi block, RO, UV, Post carbon

Dimensions                                                  300 x 238 x 430

Weight                                                            5.90 kg

Installation type                                              wall mount/ table top

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HUL PUREIT Copper+ Mineral

This pureit cooper water purifier boosts your immunity with the goodness of cooper in RO. As you know this company always focuses on human health that’s why they launch this amazing advanced feature pureit cooper for clean and safe water.

Pureit cooper comes with a 7 stage of RO+ UV+ MF purification with cooper charge technology which is great for the human body and you know that if we drink cooper water then it increases our immunity level, helps in weight loss, and remove stomach issues which are too healthy for us.

This water purifier gives you dual water dispensing and it is all up to you that you want cooper charged RO water or normal RO water. PUREIT cooper technology water gives you a 99.8% pure cooper water, but for cooper water you need to store a water 8-10hr in a copper vessel.

Sometimes you think that if we store water in a copper vessel for 8-10hr then the cooper level will increase in every glass but you are wrong in this amazing water purifier you will find an advanced feature that this PUREIT cooper RO gives you the right amount of cooper water in every glass.

HUL PUREIT Copper+ Mineral
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  • Intelligent cooper cleaning
  • 100% safe and pure drinking
  • Double purity lock
  • Large tank for water storage
  • USEPA Compliant
  • Hands-free bottle fill zone
  • 100% food-grade plastic


Purified water flow rate                                                   28 hours per hour

Pump type                                                                          Diaphragma pump 24V DC

POWER rating                                                                    60 watts

Weight                                                                                 9.5 kg

Material of plastic                                                            food safe, non toxic, engineering grade plastic

Pressure rating                                                                 10-30 PSI

Turbidity                                                                                  1 NTU (MAX)

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HUL Pureit Ultima Nxt Mineral

Here I come with another pureit ultima NXT mineral water purifier. You know that PUREIT is an Indian largest company, this company product not very costly. If the product gives you an everything in a low budget so don’t need to think too much, only read features and click on buy, so let’s discuss this pureit ultima NXT

As everyone needs clean water, this water purifier gives you clean and tasty water, the digital purity indicator helps you to find a quality of the water up to 5000 times a second, it shows how pure the tank water is.

This purifier removes 10 crore bacteria and 1 crore virus in every liter of water, mainly in this purifier they focused on water purity, they give you 100% purity water through RO ensuring.

With this purifier, you save 80% off more water. They use a healthy material which is not harmful to our health like- food-safe, non-toxic, etc. PUREIT company maximum uses this material in every product.

HUL Pureit Ultima Nxt Mineral RO
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In this water purifier, you have 7 stages for purifying your water-





BRAND                                                                             HUL PUREIT

POWER SOUCE TYPE                                                   ELECTRIC

CAPACITY                                                                        10 LITRE

MATERIAL                                                                       PLASTIC

COLOR                                                                              BLACK, BLUE

DIMENSIONS                                                                 L 31.15 cm x W 36cm x H 48.60cm

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HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral

Install this water purifier from Pureit in your home and drink clean and purified water all day. Featuring a large tank capacity of 10 L, this water purifier can provide clean drinking water to even large families. Equipped with the Eco Recovery technology, this appliance ensures that water is efficiently purified and saved in the process. As water passes through seven stages (RO + UV + MF), harmful viruses, bacteria, and chemicals are removed, making water potable and safe to drink.

Thanks to the ECO technology, this technology helps to save water, this water purifier from pureit helps to purify water efficiently. This purifier helps you to save 80 glass of water every day, and a water purifier helps minimize the amount of water that is wasted. 

This water purifier is capable of effectively purifying water that has a TDS of up to 2000 ppm. It helps remove the hardness of water by reducing the TDS level, thereby making water sweet to taste and perfect for drinking. This water purifier can effectively treat water from several sources, such as bore-wells, taps, and tankers.

HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral
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  • 100% save and healthy water
  • Large tank
  • Germs kill kit
  • Water saving RO


Brand                                                                                HUL PUREIT

Model                                                                               ECO WATER SAVER

Material                                                                           PLASTIC

Capacity                                                                           10L

Color                                                                                 BLACK

TDS                                                                                    200PPM

DIMENSIONS                                                                 L45.5cm X W 31.0cm X H 60.0cm

WARRANTY                                                                    1 YEAR

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Livpure Zinger Smart

With the LIVPURE ZINGER SMART, you not only get a 6.5-liter storage capacity but also get 4.5 energy saving rating. This company provides you a free installation then don’t waste your read the features and order it.

This water purifier comes with a high-class purification technology RO + UV + UF+ Mineralize + cooper, all these functions helps to drain the water in the tank. As I already told you cooper is very healthy for your body, so if you find a cooper function in the water purifier then you need to take that purifier for a healthy body and healthy nature.

Livpure Zinger Smart IOT
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This water purifier comes with the best 7 stages of water purification-

  1. Manual dispensing
  2. Auto flushing
  3. Water leakage sensing
  4. System initializing
  5. LED Light on display
  6. Filter life indication
  7. Smart connectivity GPRS




BRAND                                                                                 LIVPURE

PRODUCT NAME                                                             ZINGER SMART

CAPACITY                                                                           6.5 LITRE

COLOR                                                                               MARRON

DIMENSIONS                                                            285 mm (Depth) X 410 mm (Width) X 570 mm (Height)

WARRANTY                                                                    1 YEAR

TDS                                                                                    200-2000

OPREATING VOLTAGE                                               24V DC

MATERIAL                                                                       CARBON BLOCK FILTER, FOOD GRADE PLASTIC ETC

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Every woman wants her kitchen to always look beautiful so Havells launch their DELITE DX for a healthy body and the design of this water purifier looks to amazing its made for your kitchen shiny, so are you ready to decorate your kitchen with this classy design and water purifier.

It comes with a sky blue & white color, and have a stylish push button to dispense water. This inverter comes with the 8 stages of water purification.

It also comes with amazing feature IPROCTECT purification monitoring which cuts off the water if it is no longer safe to drink.

Havells Delite Alkaline RO+UV Water Purifier
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  • Absolute safety through 100% pure RO purified water
  • Triple protection
  • Purification through germicidal UV column
  • 24*7 tank sterilization
  • Smart care to extended warranty plan


Product                                                                          DELITE ALKALINE

Brand                                                                              HAVELLS

Dimensions                                                                  497cm *351cm * 240 cm

Weight                                                                            9kg

Flow rate                                                                        15 litre per hour

Installation type                                                           Wall mounting & counter top

Power rating                                                                  60W

Voltage range                                                                230V, 50 Hz

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You’re looking at the Havells UV + UF, UV Plus water purifier. This 7-liter storage water purifier is suitable for a family of 4 or 5 members and homes with compact kitchen space. This purifier can be mounted on a straight or corner wall as well as can be kept on the counter.

Its 5 stage purification process along with UV and UF membrane removes impurities from water, making it potable. The Revitalizer cartridge realigns water molecules, thereby improving its hydration and mineral absorption capacity. Its soft-touch zero splash faucet lever dispenses a steady flow of water into a glass, container, or bottle. 

This purifier comes with a self-diagnostic mode and smart indicators indicating the ongoing purification process, power on/off mode, error alert, and a tank full indicator. In case of failure, the power indicator blinks constantly, and the purification process is paused. 

The ingress protection tank cover prevents any external contamination, thereby keeping the water germ-free. This purifier comes with a transparent, detachable storage tank that can be cleaned periodically without any professional help.


  • Smart alerts
  • Easy to remove the tank
  • Electricity protection
  • 100% RO
  • Tank cover protection
  • Convenience features


Product                                                                          DELITE DX

Brand                                                                              HAVELLS

Dimensions                                                                   49CM* 27.2cm*38.1cm

Weight                                                                            8000grams

Purification stages                                                     7

Power supply                                                               230 V

Tank capacity                                                               7 LITRE

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You know that the A.O Company is the best in America and this is the largest manufacturing company, this company gives a trusted product to everyone.

This AO SMITH X2 is suitable for your kitchen for a municipal water supply because the TDS of this water purifier is less than 200ppm and hardness less than 120ppm. It easily fits in your kitchen cabinets because it’s not too heavy.

So are you ready to use this in your kitchen with this amazing design and features?


  • 5 stage purification
  • Advanced UV lamp
  • Digital display
  • Dual color design
  • UV life alert


Brand                                                                                                       A.O SMITH

Product MODEL                                                                                   A.O SMITH X2

Dimensions                                                                                            460mm* 260mm* 380mm

Weight                                                                                                     6.6 kg

UV lamp power rating                                                                       11 watts

Power rating                                                                                         28 watts

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Nowadays water is adulterated and we now have heavy metals in drinking water. These adulterations can cause damage to the body parts. Potable water is now history?

No, check out the Eureka Forbes aquasure, it provides 6 stages of water filtration and helps you remove bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals from the water and provide you filtered and hygienic water.

What about the taste of water? We got that covered also. You can now adjust the TDS using the MTDS technology and make your water taste according to your taste buds. Also, leaving it helps retaining minerals to the water and provides you potable water similar to the Himalayan water source.

But this will lead to a low cartridge life cycle! Well, we got you covered here as well as this product will ensure you get around 6000L water purification, with this you get a 7L larger water tank to store one day of essential water for a family of 4 members.

If you want a purifier that merges with your aesthetic kitchen design, the purifier has a sleek design that can easily complement your kitchen space


  • Energy saving mode
  • Smart LED indicators
  • Multi stage purification technology with MTDS technology ( RO+UV+MTDS)
  • Installation friendly design


Brand                                                                  AQUASURE AQUAGUARD

Product                                                                EUREKA FORBES

Dimensions                                                        300cm*430cm*458cm

Weight                                                                 5.90kg  

Purification capacity                                       6000L

Applicable TDS range                                     2000mg

Auto start                                                           yes

Alarms                                                                  yes

Overflow protection                                      yes

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We are living in a world where hygiene is the most important thing in society for both health and social reasons. Pure and fresh water are the basic needs of everyone and also this water purifier helps us to fight with the viruses. 

The main purpose of a water purifier is to provide clean and safe drinking water and also a water purifier is necessary to make your drinking water safe from the viruses and disease

So don’t waste your time, choose a water purifier according to your need.

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