10 Best Handheld Garment Steamers In India

Handheld garment steamers are a pretty new product in the market and doing very well since the time its launched. Users are satisfied with the performance and switching from the traditional garment ironing to handheld garment steamers, which cause increase in its demand, so this time we are reviewing the 10 best handheld garment steamer in India.

Also called clothing steamers, these devices save time as they heat up pretty fast. Additionally, it sanitizes your garments by killing the germs and removes any disagreeable odors in no time.

Since they are light in weight, you can easily move them to de-wrinkle the clothes, even they are on a hanger. But while buying a garment steamer, we recommend considering the under two variables…

  • Type — garment steamers are available in two distinct kinds which have handheld and standing models. If it is just for house purposes, then it is possible to go for any of these. But if you want a model that is travel-friendly, then proceed for a handheld garment steamer.
  • Water Tank — Standing models come with 1 to 2 2.5 liters water tank capacity. They supply 45 minutes to one hour of cleaning. If it comes to handheld garment steamers, they have a 100 to 250 ml water tank capacity that lasts for 10 minutes.
  • Heat Up Time — An efficient garment steamer will heat water up quickly at elevated temperature so that the steam begins quickly as well. Full size standing ones need 6 minutes to warm up while handheld ones need only 1 or two minutes of warm up time.

It’s also wise to have a look at factors like size, weight, automated shut-off as well as others. Haven’t got much time! Then just go through our listing of Finest Garment Steamers at India — that can be picked from our experts after rigorous testing and research.

Lets start the countdown foe the 10 best handheld garment steamer.


Usha Techne Direct 1000-Watts Garment Steamer (Green & White)

Usha Techne Direct 1000-Watts Garment Steamer (Green & White)

For people that are trying to find a quick and effortless method to eliminate the wrinkles and creases in their garments, the Usha Techne Direct 1000-Watts Garment Steamer is a superb option. It includes features that may decrease the time required for you to create your clothes to look new rather than using a conventional iron.

The steam relaxes the fibers of your clothes so the wrinkles will probably be eliminated in a couple of minutes.

Because this garment steamer includes a vertical steam center, you may just hang your garments when utilizing it. Simply slip the Usha Techne Direct 1000-Watts Garment Steamer along with your garments to eliminate the wrinkles very quickly.

This garment steamer also has a removable cloth brush using lint remover so it is simple to remove and lint that’s stuck on your laundry. It’s not necessary to use another lint remover because this garment steamer can eliminate lint whilst at the same time taking away the creases out of your laundry.

Why is this garment steamer secure to use is its own overheat shutoff thermostat attribute. It is going to automatically turn off if reaching a particular heating level to keep you from hurting yourself while using this appliance. Additionally, it includes an indicator lamp that shows you if this unit is switched off or on.

You may take it with you everywhere so that you can freshen your clothes anytime.


  • 21 gm/min for effective steaming of garments
  • Vertical Steam Facility for easy wrinkle removal
  • Non-stick PTFE Coated sole pate with tubular element for safe ironing; shock-proof plastic handle
  • Overheat Shutoff Thermostat for safety
  • Indicator Lamp for power ON/OFF
  • Warranty- 2 years

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. Philips Handheld Garment Steamer GC360/30 – Vertical & Horizontal Steaming, 1200 Watt, up to 22g/min

best handheld garment steamers

Easier steaming with SmartFlow heated plate. Use vertically or horizontally on difficult-to-iron locations and also to refresh clothing – no burns guaranteed. Lightweight & compact design makes it effortless to use anytime anyplace. Only steam and go.

Steam vertically for rapid de-wrinkling and also to refresh hanging clothing with no ironing board. Steam to get ideal results on hard to iron areas like cuffs and collars. In either position, strong continuous steam offers excellent results.

As a result of SmartFlow technologies, the steam is warmed up to an optimum temperature, safe for most materials, and prevents moist stains. The heated steam helps to press the cloth whilst massaging horizontally and provides much better-steaming outcomes *.

An electric pump provides constant steam for simple and speedy de-wrinkling.

It’s particularly great for thicker clothes such as jackets and coats. In addition, it can help eliminate dirt and tablets.

The steam plate could be safely pushed against some other clothes with no possibility of burning off — a fantastic alternative for delicate materials, such as silk.

Utilizing a clothing steamer on hanging clothes eliminates the need for an ironing board, therefore de-wrinkling is simple and easy.

Sexy steam refreshes your garments and kills up to 99.9percent of germs *. Less regular washing and cleaning save time and money and assist garments last longer.

The handheld garment steamer is designed to be lightweight, light, and comfortable to use.

More features:-

  • 2.5m cord for longer reach
  • 70ml Detachable water tank
  • Safe on all ironable fabrics
  • Warranty: 2-years warranty from the date of purchase
  • Power: 1200 watts
  • Includes: Garment Steamer, Brush, glove, user manual

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WisTec Techne Direct 1000-Watts Portable Handheld Garment Steamer for Horizontally and Vertically with 260 ml water tank capacity at Home and in Travel (White and Blue)

best handheld garment steamers

Item Guide: Wistec Garment Steamer

The Wistec Garment steamer works on strong 1000W with as much as 21GM / MIN vapor output. It’s compatible with all the vertical steam feature so the crease could be eliminated more easily. It features an excess brush for removing dust and hair from the cloth. WisTec Handheld Portable Garment Steamer creates strong and continuous steam, eliminating wrinkles from your clothing, upholstery, drapery, bedding, table linen, and much more. As a result of this powerful 1000W heating element, the steamer readily heats up to wrinkle-busting steam in only 40 minutes and steams consistently for 15-20 minutes.

This mobile clothes steamer using the luxury THERMOSTAT will modulate the temperature and the THERMAL FUSE will close down the power source if the temperature climbs! Steam irons undergo numerous fabrication checks. As a result of this, many droplets of water is discovered inside the liquid water tank.

ERGONOMIC & USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN- manage provides a convenient, secure grip, helping to prevent injuries; the constant steam JET LOCK switch alleviates the FINGER when functioning for longer intervals. Incredibly simple to use and hassle-free to receive your clothes, bedding, drapery, etc… Removes Tough Wrinkles Utilizing Soft Water and Steer Clear of HARD WATER (mineral water) while tender on the cloth.

WORKS WELL AT ALL ANGLES with Vertical and Horizontal Steamingl As the steam headboard is constructed from steel that offers you direct relaxation of Horizontal ironing like conventional ironing (View this- https:/youtu.be/ / CxOlnsEEzII) in comparison to other steamers and may be used safely on all cloths; and may also be utilized in cloths in which ironing isn’t an alternative. Characteristics security automobile shut-off protection in the event the water level is too low or the system is too warm, that closes the steamer off.

More features:-

  • The Wistec Garment steamer works on strong 1000W with as much as 21GM / MIN vapor output.
  • Automatic power-off change
  • Ergonomic and user-Friendly layout, Always utilize Soft Water and Steer Clear of HARD WATER(mineral water)
  • Wistec Garment Steamer Works nicely with Vertical and Horizontal Angle
  • Perfect Iron for Curtains, Sofa, wedding gown, web, silk, cotton, and also all kinds of fabric.

Inalsa Steamax 1200-Watt Garment Steamer with Detachable Fabric & Steam Brush & 260ml Capacity | Vertical & Horizontal Ironing, (White/Pink)

best handheld garment steamers

Inalsa Steamax is in the 4th position in the ranking of best handheld garment steamers. Get Wrinkle-Free Clothes Each TimeWith 1200W of electricity, Steamax Garment Steamer blasts away wrinkles economically and easily slip across different garments. Quick Even-Heat technology provides better performance and perfect results each time.

Automatic Constant Steam-Steamax releases strong continuous 20g/min & pops up in only a few seconds. It creates a wrinkle-removing steam flow to guarantee professional results: rapid ironing and efficient elimination of the most stubborn creases.

Detachable cloth brush & Big Nozzel – Steamax includes removable cloth & steam brush that will help you with thicker clothes & provides better steam penetration providing a smoother end. It automatically switches off the heating element if there isn’t any water from the water tank or even when the water runs out through use.

User-Friendly Configuration -Power indicator light signals if the machine is on. Significant water heater hole & big water-tank of 260mL facilitates simple & pristine filling of this water-tank. Iron more clothing with fewer refills.

Strong Wrinkle Remover-Vertical Steam eliminates creases in hanging materials. Iron the direction that you desire with horizontal & vertical steam and receive wrinkle-free clothing very quickly.

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best handheld garment steamers

Easy crease elimination daily.

Philips EasyTouch Plus garment steamer is intended for simple crease elimination daily. With a large selection of essential streaming options, it’s the ideal appliance for fast touch-ups, delicate and hard to iron clothing.

Cover more in 1 stroke using 25% bigger * steam.
This permits you to pay more cloth area in 1 stroke and so you can be efficient in steaming your own garment.

5 steam configurations for various sorts of cloth.
Set your favorite detergent setting for optimum results on various types of cloth.

Adjustable double rod for assorted height preferences.
Integrated with dual adjustable rods to hang your clothes when utilizing the steamer. It’s collapsible for simple storage.

Particular garment hanger.
A particular garment hanger allows you to hang your clothes like tops, dresses, and pants when utilizing the steamer.

Glove for additional protection through steaming.
Easy de-calc work for a more productive life.
Prolong the duration of your appliance by using this Easy de-calc descaling work frequently.

Fabric brush to get deeper warmth penetration on thick clothes.
Use the brush attachment with thicker clothes like coats for superior steam penetration and a smoother finish.

Large removable water tank for a simple refill anytime.
Enormous, detachable, translucent water tank acceptable for a long steaming session. Easy refill with a big filling hole.

Support attachment for crisp results attained readily.
Providing assistance during steaming is vital for attaining better outcomes. As a result of this extra support attachment, crisp results continue to be simpler to attain.

Strong continuous steam.
Strong continuous steam is blown off through the nozzles, helping you to eliminate creases with just a couple of strokes.

so this is one of my favorite in best handheld garment steamers, which can be used in for personal as well as in stores.

WisTec Handheld Garment Steamer 1500 watt- Vertical & Horizontal Steaming, up to 25g/min Steam Burst with 300 ml Large Water Tank with Auto shutoff for Home and Travel (White and Blue)

best handheld garment steamers

A powerful pump system provides voluminous dry steam, ensuring that wrinkles are removed and that clothing is left smooth and refresh. When you’re traveling you can even take it with you!


Steam all your clothes, curtains, and any fabrics that can be hung vertically!


No need to worry about leaks when using the Dash for quick pressing touch-ups on cuffs, collars, and anything else that requires horizontal ironing.

High-quality pressing surface. Water tank handy to fill and also refill while being used.
– Steam accessible when and where it is needed. Your Dash 1500 Watt locks for constant steam for big jobs.
– A mobile garment steamer that heats up in 30 minutes and is ready to eliminate wrinkles from all of your garments and fabrics. It is safe to use on most clothes, clothes, bed linens, couches, drapes, tablecloths, and much more.
– Lightweight and streamlined, Dash 150GH is your ideal travel companion. Less than 3 pounds, it is prepared to go with you on the next excursion.1 Year Warranty Service using Pickup and Drop support for Repair or Replacement straight from Door from MISKSHOPEE (Whatsapp on 7083637152).

Havells Elegance Garment Steamer 1200 Watt (Gold and White)

best handheld garment steamers

Important Features:-

  • Powerful Steam Output at 25g/min steaming rate at highest setting for that great ironing outcome.
  • Large 150ml water tank capability that lets a longer period of ironing in front of a refill is necessary.
  • It’s excellent for traveling demands as constant steaming time is 8 min
  • it’s excellent for fast ironing demands as steam prepared time is only 50 minutes
  • Double steam setting – just one for steaming & 1 for wrinkle removal.
  • Includes accessories – Hanger, Fabric Brush, and cologne.
  • Ranked Power – 12000W, Rated Voltage – 230V, 1 Phase AC, 50 Hz.
  • It includes a two-year product guarantee
  • Contains 1 N Main Unit, 1 N Fabric Brush, 1 N Steamer Holder, and One N Instruction Guide.

Havells Delite Garment Steamer 1420 Watt (Pink and White)

best handheld garment steamers

Amazing design with pink color and long life make it in the list of best handheld garment steamers.

Important Features:-

  • Powerful Steam Output at 32g/min steaming rate at highest setting for that great ironing outcome.
  • Large 1.7L water tank capability that lets a longer period of ironing in front of a refill is necessary.
  • It’s excellent for all sorts of ironing needs as the constant emptying time is 45 minutes.
  • 3 steam setting – Silk, Cotton & Linen assists in absolutely draining of any cloth.
  • It includes dry heat protection that protects the product from harm if it’s switched on with water.
  • Includes attachments – Fabric Brush, Ironing Board, and Glove.
  • Having removable & translucent water tank.
  • It includes a two-year product guarantee
  • Power: 1420 g; Operating Voltage: 220 – 220 volts.

Inalsa Garment Steamer Handy Steam-600W with Detachable Fabric Brush & 120ml Capacity, (White/Purple)

best handheld garment steamers

Steam Remedy for the Clothes.
Inalsa Handy Steam garment steamer is the ideal remedy to state your garments and brings them a sleek, wrinkle-free finish. This garment steamer is totally safe to use on clothing and eliminates lint handily. What is more, this cloth care appliance also will help remove germs out of your laundry.

Elements of Inalsa Handy Steam Garment Steamer makes it one of the best handheld garment steamers
Fabric brush, steam head, steam , water tank easy grip handle, water level indicator, power button.

It includes water level indicator and effortless grip handle.

May be used with simplicity and saved and transported anywhere.

Strong steam to destroy germs and eliminates tough wrinkles easily.

  • Quick, effective and easy removal of wrinkles
  • Removes wrinkles out of clothes while they’re about the hangers
  • Kills germs, eliminates dust and also keeps your garments looking like new
  • Removes lint from clothing conveniently
  • Simple to move and move
  • Absolutely secure on garments
  • Fantastic reliability
  • May Be Used on all Kinds of clothing, drapes and bed sheets

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